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  • Karine Maillet

    Karine Maillet

  • Julio Toainga

    Julio Toainga

  • Felicity McLean

    Felicity McLean

    Sustainable Business, Strategic Communications & Social Innovation at @salterbaxterMSL. Formerly at @Ashoka.

  • Bianca Barone

    Bianca Barone

    Anthropologist specialising in human cultural boundaries through the organizations, passionate in health, tech. and social innovations.

  • Emily Tseng

    Emily Tseng

    Design-centered dev + health technologist. I want to build good things with good people. CS Master's @cornell_tech | grad @princeton @venture4america

  • Julie Stewart

    Julie Stewart

    Helping others say “Me too! I’m not alone!” since 2018. Runner. Marketing nerd. Chi sports diehard. The realist optimist you know. Lover of lifelong learning.

  • Jodi Baker Leir

    Jodi Baker Leir


  • PharmaMKT


    More than 7 years serving digital healthcare agencies world wide. Managing PharmaMKT group On LinkedIn (90,000 members).

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